When you take your hat off for the national anthem,check the tag to see where its made.

I went xmas shopping in the mall and looked around me as Americans who are all very concerned about our economy and its possible permanent decline were scoffing up foreign made products (including myself). Its just plain strange behaviour !!

I found this company online. They are out of Ohio and they make clothes. The link brings you to the story of how the company got started and what they are all about. Just knowing that the owner cares about the long term outcome of our country was enough for me to place an order! Why should I give my money to someone who can care less about this country?

Take a read and see if you want to buy something. They offer free shipping for orders over 99.00 so be smart and find friends or family that need some cloths and combine your order to get this savings!




You Can Help!!

  Election Day is Tues Nov. 8.  We will be in Asbury Park helping out in the 11th district.  One of the Assembly candidates, Vin Gopal is trending well down there.  He was the only Democrat endorsed by the Asbury Park Press.  As I have stated, picking up even one of the three seats in this district will be a huge victory.
    We will be meeting at the Berkeley Hotel, 1401 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park.  We are looking for help between the hours of 9 am and 7:30 pm.  If you have committed to helping in another district, please fulfill that obligation.  If you or your members have not committed as of yet and can help out, please email me your availability.  We will most likely be canvassing neighborhoods doing literature drops.
    I hope we can lend a hand to a slate of candidates who believe in core democratic values.

Occupy Wall St. continues on!

I am very proud of everyone who has devoted their time to the Occupy Wall St. movement. What we finally have is a rally point that all of us can agree on ; that Wall St. & government corruption has got to stop!! No matter who you are, if you are in the 99% then this is your fight. I encourage everyone to get over to Wall St. and show your support. If you can not make it to Wall St. then get a group together an picket your town hall and lt them here your voice!

Thank You Jamie!

On the way home on the train from Trenton tonight I sat next to a girl who came down to the state capitol to show her support for unions and collective bargaining. As it turns out , she does not belong to a union! So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you did. Even though we took it on the chin tonight and were sold out by a handful of democrats that should be ashamed of themselves …….Jamie brightend up my very long day with what she did. Its good to know that some in the private sector actually get whats going on! So thank you again Jamie….where ever you are!