New information on Joe DiVincenzo

New information! See the Joe D. money tree now!

What can you say about Joesph DiVincenzo? He`s a hypocrite who double dips on a state pension while he attacks public workers and calls us greedy for earning way less than he does. If anybody continues to listen to this guy any longer then they should get their head examined. He is also buddies with Governor Christie. Cris Christie has put guys away in prison for less than what Joe has done and he hasn`t even asked him to resign!! Cris Christie your another hypocrite! No wonder why we were warned not to back you. You know….I should be careful how I word things because who knows who is reading this blog but hell with it. It`s time for straight talk. When you have a Governor and a County Executive being as hypocritical as these guys are all I can say is they should be thrown out on their asses faster than they can blink. They do not deserve their office. They are cheating liars and the good people of NJ should not even allow them to live in this state! Joe says it’s a loop-hole and it is what it is!!! The ****ing nerve of this scoundrel! Christie says he was wrong for double dipping yet he doen`t ask him to step down. What kind of leader is this guy? Holy crap! Cris Christie & DiVincenzo……..Perfect Together.

Write or call Joes office and please…..don`t hold back.

Hall of Records – Room 405
(T) 973-621-4400 ~ (F) 973-621-6343


Folks, heres a letter I received in my email. Its 5 pages long but believe me, it’s such a well written, excellent letter you won’t notice that it’s 5 pages long.

Subj: To Joe DiVincenzo – A Very “Personal” Appeal Based On The Facts

Mr. Joseph DiVincenzo, Executive

County of Essex

Hall of Records Room 405

465 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Newark NJ 07102

Via Email & Hard Copy

April 4, 2011

Dear Sir:

In all the years that you’ve been attacking organized labor and as much as I’ve thrown your name around in defense of my membership, it’s never been personal, you’ve never closed your door on me and you’re always there with a smile and a handshake when we meet.

More than that, you’ve met members of my family over the years like my mother for instance, who happened to be a big supporter of yours until this past week and believe it or not, she told me that she was actually hesitant to tell you who she was when you met, but when she did, you offered kind words about me and joked about our less than friendly working relationship.

I was recently hospitalized as you know and while laying on a gurney in the emergency room, I opened my eyes to find you standing over me and again your offered your sincere best wishes and gave my wife your personal cell phone number saying…”please call if we needed anything” and again joked that my wife should bring my laptop to the hospital so I can send out nasty emails about you.

In the days that followed, while in the hospital, you not only called me on a daily basis, but you sent a personal family physician to see me and it’s ironic that your calls actually outnumbered the calls from my own friends for Gods sake!

I’ve told only a few of my close friends at the jail about the concern that you showed to me and my wife until now and many of them said…”he’s just being a politician”, and as much as I could have agreed with that, I said no…he might be trying to schmooze me a little, but no one would have gone to those lengths if they truly didn’t have a compassionate side and that’s what I believe separates you from our tough guy governor, who I whole heartedly believe that if he found one of his “union critics” bleeding in the gutter, he’d step right over them and he too will be receiving a copy of this letter just in case he needs to know what I really think of him too.

His Bully Persona is getting old and this “Chriscenzo Team” where the two of you brag about coming up on the mean streets of Newark somehow tying you together like twin brothers who were separated at birth, is the biggest joke of all.

Page 2

For the record…I invented the term “Chriscenzo”. You heard it here first and if it hits the media, I expect full credit. I thought about “DiVinchristie”, but I think I made the right choice.

While it was you who survived the mean streets of Newark and remained loyal to the people and the problems of Urban Essex County, the Christie family ran to the “Burbs” like their buttocks were on fire as many families did back then and when Livingston wasn’t far enough away from the problems of Urban Essex County, he ran further into the tree lined tranquil streets of Morris County.

While you were making your bones in Essex County Politics, became successful and gained unprecedented support from your party and constituents, the other half of this phenomenon known as the “Chriscenzo Team” became a failed Morris County Politician and failed candidate for the State Assembly who was booted out of county office and rejected by not only his Morris County constituents, but he couldn’t even keep the support of his own party and was bounced from the ticket in the next election. Why?

Maybe because he was pulling the same garbage up there in the “Burbs”, that he’s now causing in Trenton. Putting on that Tough Guy Routine, which I guess fit him well while US Attorney because he was finally able to bully people who deserved to be bullied, but aside from that, I’ve yet to figure out how a failed county freeholder and failed candidate for an Assembly seat in Trenton all of a sudden became the governor, but I guess that’s New Jersey politics, right?

You survived on your ability to get things done whereas our governor survived as a political money making machine for the Bush Family, who was going to Black Tie Dinners at the White House, while you were in the streets of Essex County.

Why Joe? Why have you turned your back on the democratic middle class rank and file public employees, which you once were and who serve the county in which you claim to love for this sick and twisted political friendship with a tough talking carpetbagger who after running away from Essex County decades ago, only reappeared to use you and Essex County as one of his many political pawns?

Yes Joe. Deny it if you will, but your decades of service to this county and to the Democratic Party has been reduced to being a political step on Christies political ladder to the White House and as much as its being portrayed in the media as a good thing, I believe a presidential run will be another in Christies long list of political failures so I would suggest no longer being part of it or allowing yourself or this county to be used in that manner.

Imagine Christie on the world stage as our President…Those mid-east terrorists have gotten over for too long!” “Those Al-Qaeda people are going to have to negotiate with me now!” “I’m going to turn Afghanistan upside down!” “I’m from the mean streets of Newark!”

PLEASE Spare Me!!!!!

As you can see to this point in my letter, I’ve been admittedly critical, while at the same time recognizing the good things you’ve done that deserve acknowledgment and acknowledging that if only for a brief time, me and my family were able to see “Joe DiVincenzo” the person when his

Page 3

guard was down and when his personal compassionate side came out as it did when I was hospitalized, but I’m sorry to say that regarding this latest “pension issue” and your flip attitude and self centered comments that followed in the media, has completely lost me, I’m sure has lost many of your full or partial supporters and defies any sense of logic.

You keep saying that you deserved what you did and did what you did for you and your family as if you want us to believe that the DiVincenzo household is financially squeezed.

You mentioned your wife in a recent article and how she played a part in your decision to unnecessarily and prematurely apply for your rich pension as if $160,000 in salary and chauffeur driven taxpayer funded luxury vehicles still isn’t enough to make ends meet in the DiVincenzo household.

What was the family need Joe? Tell us how you and your family were squeezed to make ends meet on $160,000 a year.

Are my questions too personal? Let me give you some personal information of my own.

You met my wife that night in the hospital, but did you really look in her eyes to see the person? Did you know that she cries everyday? Did you know that she struggles everyday dealing with the beginning stages of a disease that may some day take her life and the specialists and personal doctors that she saw on a regular basis are now financially unreachable for her due to this K-Mart Five & Dime Benefit Plan you recently placed us under?

Did you know how disappointed my wife was to find out that the personal doctor who you sent to see me in the hospital and who is a nationally recognized specialist for my condition, I cant even use, because obviously a doctor of his stature would never be involved with this laughable benefit package that you’ve tied your employees to and I too lost a life long family doctor as well.

You have two kids Joe and I have two as well. Two girls, 18 & 16. Yours are older now, but do you remember the delight on their faces on the days leading up to them getting their drivers license and the day in which they actually got it?

Can you imagine what the look would have been on your daughters face if you had to come home and tell your 16 year old that she may have to wait a while to get her license because her father who she depends on and looks up to cant afford another increase in car insurance, which currently went up to approximately $6000 a year in the Amato household after adding my older daughter last year.

I’ve seen that look in my daughters eyes Joe and now I have to demand that the minute my older daughter graduates from High School this coming June, she cant enjoy the summer and needs to go get a full time job to takeover the cost of her own car and insurance from me so that I can afford to give our younger daughter the privilege of having a drivers license. No taxpayer funded chauffeurs in my house Joe!!!

Have your family members even heard the word “no” come out of your mouth when it came to their needs and wants over the past 8 years with $160,000 flowing into your household? Have you ever even spoken the words “Car Insurance” and “Gas” recently in your home, without even

Page 4

the slightest bit of recognition that your personal transportation needs are fully funded by the taxpayers of this county?

My Grandmother would always say…”Be grateful for what you have and don’t cry with two loaves of bread under each arm.”

Two Loaves? You’ve been sitting on a taxpayer funded bakery my friend, but there you were in the statewide media spotlight crying about how you needed to draw your pension while still employed in the very same job, claiming that your decision was right for your family.

Really Joe? Your family asked you to embarrass yourself and them in the statewide media spotlight and was it really family need that played a part in your premature decision to tap your pension when the taxpayers of this county have already made you and “your family” wealthy beyond belief?

“It is what it is? Is that what you said to the media? ” The taxpayers are now paying “your family” nearly a quarter million dollars a year, while you work feverishly to pull the strings in Trenton to make sure that the earnings and pensions of public employees are diminished and all you can say is…”Hey, I’m just doing what everyone else is doing.” “It is what it is”.

Here’s a typical day in the Amato Home lately…”Dad, if you get your contract raise, can you buy me a car too like my sister got”? Did you ever have to disappoint your kids like I have year after year and watch their faces drop? Did you ever not pay a household bill temporarily so that you can pay for your children’s basic life necessities or maybe a little perk like a knock around car?

I truly doubt that the DiVincenzo kids ever had to ask twice.

Did the DiVincenzo children ever have to wait for a “contract” before they were provided with the basics of life? Or better yet, can you imagine my disgust and embarrassment that my teenage daughter even has to utter the word “contract” when she needs something?

Remember our contract Joe? That little thing that an arbitrator already awarded to us lawfully and what you plan to appealed to the point of exhaustion after more than 3 years of waiting?

Don’t we deserve that as you claimed to deserve the great wealth that you’ve achieved on the taxpayers dime? I bet you’ve had a few laughs about that contract appeal when you’re being driven to the bank to manage your quarter million dollar DiVincenzo fortune?

This is just part of my own personal family story Joe, which amongst my members can be repeated over 500 times in their households as well and I’ve decided to publicly share my own story to make a point and you can’t deny that my point was made. Its all about you Joe!!!

As a matter of fact, I have members who can tell you stories of personal, financial and health hardships that will make mine look like a walk in the park amongst our famed Cherry Blossom Trees that you seem to respect more than the people who work for you!!!

Thousands of families depend on you in this county and 10s of thousands more have been attacked statewide by your self serving rants about those big bad greedy public safety unions.

Page 5

I should drop dead right where I sit, if I’ve exaggerated in the least about my own story or my account of your story and maybe if I did drop dead, at least my family will get a nice death benefit settlement from my pension fund unless its also in your joint evil plan with the governor to take that away too?

Maybe when I’m dead, my wife will get that car for my daughter that we can’t afford while I’m living and working, while our quarter million dollar county executive is telling the world that when I was alive and working… I lived above my means!!!


At this point the only person who’s lost more credibility then you as a so-called concerned politician is your idol Chris Christie, who according to yesterdays paper is also now being categorized as a politically motivated hypocrite who is willing to set aside his so-called principles on public greed in favor of keeping his alliance to the all mighty members of the North Ward Division of Essex County Politics and other subservient politicians around the state.

Yes, today in the press Christie said you were WRONG. Finally one thing we can agree on, but he chose his words very carefully and Christie must have forgotten that he’s sent many politicians to federal prison for misusing political clout and he’s demanded the resignation of public officials who’ve shown less greed than you have. Where’s his demand for your resignation?

Please take what should have been the demand of the governor and what was in fact the demand of the NJ State PBA and the 10s of thousands of our members and families who you’ve vilified and attacked and resign while you still have a shred of integrity left, but rather than that and rather than at least being humbled that your greed has been exposed, you now claim that you’re going to push even harder and fight the unions even harder to make sure that our pensions and futures are diminished. Good luck with that!!!!

I’m not saying that exposing your greed is going to take the heat off of public employees, but I do know that you’ve lost your credibility to speak on the subject and the next media person who allows you one printed word or sound bite to attack those big bad greedy labor unions, should have their press credentials revoked. Are we really greedy Joe? If so, welcome to the club!!!

Lastly, I heard you say while you were struggling through these televised interviews, that you acknowledged that we (the unions) are entitled to our opinion. Here you have my 5 page opinion and I’m sorry if I’ve offended you or your political allies, but I had to do it for my family.


Joe Amato, President

PBA Local 382


Joe D. feels comfortable with his double-dipping, watch this NJN News clip and see just how comfortable he is.



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