Thank You Jamie!

On the way home on the train from Trenton tonight I sat next to a girl who came down to the state capitol to show her support for unions and collective bargaining. As it turns out , she does not belong to a union! So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what you did. Even though we took it on the chin tonight and were sold out by a handful of democrats that should be ashamed of themselves …….Jamie brightend up my very long day with what she did. Its good to know that some in the private sector actually get whats going on! So thank you again Jamie….where ever you are!


NJEA “Our Wisconsin moment has arrived”. Major rally in Trenton this week!!

Click here to see flyer.


Senate president Steve Sweeney and Governor Christie have joined forces with the Legislature to ram a harmful pension and health benefits plan through.

On Thursday, is a hearing in the Senate Budget Committee.

 Our profession is at stake and the fight for our future is on.

This legislation will:

Cost you THOUSANDS of dollars each year.

Get more expensive every year.

Strip away your collective bargaining rights.

Come to Trenton on Thursday,

June 16 to make your voice heard.

Planning is underway. Check for details.

Thursday is just the beginning. Members will mobilize to protest in Trenton every time this harmful legislation is discussed. Right now, we expect hearings on June 20, 23, 27 and 30,with more dates likely to be added.

Be there on June 16!

It’s here. It’s bad.


Sweeney/Christie proposal ready to move.

April 4th Trenton

Reminder: If your Federal Congressman is R. Menendez or R. Holt you may want to take a run down to Trenton tomorrow.