Jim Gearhart of 101.5FM

I found this tid bit on abother blog jerseyjazzman.blogspot.com while looking for dirt on Jim Gearhart over at 101.5. Lets start going after this guy the way he goes after us.

 Perennial meathead and wacky 101.5 DJ Jim Gearhart was laughing this morning at the thought of teachers losing 12%-20% of their take home pay.

By the way, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield is a sponsor of NJ 101.5’s business reports in the morning during Gearhart’s show. They also administer the State Employees Health Benefits Program. The outgoing CEO, William J. Marino, made $8.7 million last year. Some NJ towns are anticipating cost increases of 12% or more this year on health insurance for their employees. This after huge increases the year before.

But Jim never says boo about this; he’s too busy insisting public workers need to pay more to Horizon for their outrageously expensive health care.

Gosh, I wonder why…

Remember there is a voice behind the message but there is someone else behind the voice. In this case you can see that Jim Gearhart is nothing but a shill for Horizon. Horizon is Jim`s master. Whatever he is saying is what Horizon is saying. You can bet it’s the same with our politicians as well.


More from Jerseyjazzman
Thursday, October 7, 2010NJ Education Commissioner Jim Gearhart (the Radio DJ)
Let’s make this perfectly clear:

Schundler added that Christie was most upset after he heard the coverage of the compromise on Jim Gearhart’s morning radio show on New Jersey 101.5 FM.
As the hearing progressed, Christie’s office summoned reporters for a major announcement — the governor’s decision to kill the long-awaited trans-Hudson train tunnel to Manhattan.
Christie insisted there was no ulterior motive to the timing of his announcement but proceeded to tee off on Schundler and his opponents in the Senate who had called the hearing.
Oh, so it’s just a co-inky-dink!

Well, isn’t that convenient!

Jim Gearhart is a guy who plays wacky sounds when he wants to amuse his listeners and finds it witty to refer to the NJEA as the “New Jersey Extortion Association.” Get it? He traded “Education” for “Extortion”! HA! HA! HA!

He apparently admires Finland. I can only assume that means he wants to use “the most comprehensive social security system in the world” as a model for the USA. Except today, at around 7:40 AM, he went on about how he wishes America would take a few steps backwards, referring to Obama’s health care plan, which strikes him as too socialist. Huh.

The man has no experience as a teacher. He has no experience in education research. He has no practical or theoretical knowledge of education (or, apparently, of anything other than bloviating in front of a microphone).

Yet, this man now has veto power over major decisions regarding education policy in the state of NJ.

Everybody OK with that?

What’s a Praxis?

More on Jim Gearhart

See who his boss is.


Boycott Jim Gearhart.

I was considering how well the boycott on Glenn Beck went. First his advertisers started to drop off. Then he lost his radio show. Then his television broadcast on Fox came to an end. He was boycotted by several different groups and advertisers like Geico disappeared on him. I noticed that the mass media doesn’t really explain that there was this boycott on Beck and they just say that his viewer ship started to dry up on him. It’s true, his viewership did dry up but why? Because of the boycott!

So I noticed that my favorite blogger Jersey Jazzman started up a boycott of Jim Gearhart and I am all for it! Jim is a blowhard and since he doesn’t like us then we don’t like him. Don’t buy from these advertisers and if you can call ’em up or write ’em and let them know that your not interested in their goods or services because you don’t appreciate Jim Gearhart!

The following post and info is taken from Jersey Jazzman.

Why Should Teachers Support NJ101.5’s Advertisers?

On NJ 101.5 FM, morning man Jim Gearhart regularly refers to the NJEA as the “New Jersey Extortion Association.” VP of News Eric Scott repeatedly called NJ schools “failed.” (4/6/11) The Jersey Guys regularly promote the teacher-bashing film The Cartel by Bob Bowden. NJEA representatives are rarely if ever guests on NJ 101.5. Casey Bartholomew told a school administrator who called that he was only interested in padding his own pocket and should take a pay cut if he really cared about kids.

Gearhart calls Abbott districts “ratholes” – who lives in ratholes, Jim? Are the students the rats? The teachers?

Why would any NJ teacher choose to spend their money to support the advertisers they hear on NJ 101.5?

Those advertisers include:

Brad Benson Hyundai

Flemington Subaru

Lester Glenn Hyundai

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (business report sponsors – ain’t that funny?)


Lackland Self Storage

VIP Honda


Fram Oil Filters



Six Flags (how could you?)

Home Depot (oh no! But I love Home Depot. Go to Lowes instead)

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