NJEA “Our Wisconsin moment has arrived”. Major rally in Trenton this week!!

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Senate president Steve Sweeney and Governor Christie have joined forces with the Legislature to ram a harmful pension and health benefits plan through.

On Thursday, is a hearing in the Senate Budget Committee.

 Our profession is at stake and the fight for our future is on.

This legislation will:

Cost you THOUSANDS of dollars each year.

Get more expensive every year.

Strip away your collective bargaining rights.

Come to Trenton on Thursday,

June 16 to make your voice heard.

Planning is underway. Check NJEA.org for details.

Thursday is just the beginning. Members will mobilize to protest in Trenton every time this harmful legislation is discussed. Right now, we expect hearings on June 20, 23, 27 and 30,with more dates likely to be added.

Be there on June 16!

It’s here. It’s bad.


Sweeney/Christie proposal ready to move.


Save the Children Event!!!

FMBA Local 11                                                                                            FMBA Local 211
                                                                                                               Bayonne Dinner Night-Out for Save the Children
Join your Firefighters in support of Save the Children’s for
National (tornadoes and flood) Relief Efforts

June 20th & June 21st from 4-9 pm
Sponsored by the NJ State FMBA
10% of all proceeds from all dinners served will go to Save the Children
Additional Donations can be made at each restaurant
Checks can be made out to NJFMBA Foundation / STC

For more information please contact Mary Kate at the
State FMBA Office at 732-499-9250 or visit the NJFMBA’s Facebook page
Or call Pete Bonner, President of Local 11 @ 201-400-1761
Brian McMonagle, President of Local 211 @ 201-589-7681

Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in the United States and around the world.

You can help Save the Children respond to emergencies around the world that put at risk the survival, protection, and well-being of significant numbers of children. By contributing to Save the Children, you enable them to prepare and respond immediately to children and families who urgently need their help when disasters strike.
In fiscal year 2010, 90 percent of all expenditures of Save the Children
went to program services. www.savethechildren.org


The following restaurants are participating on Monday, June 20th, 2011

Café Bello Italian Restaurant
1044 Avenue C

Big Apple Sports Place
414 Broadway
The following restaurants are participating on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
Ten East, Hibachi-Fusion Dining
Route 440
125 Lefante Way

Amici’s Italian restaurant
184 Broadway

Hendrickson’s Restaurants
671 Broadway

Union Action! Rally in Trenton June 16th 9 a.m.!

On Thursday June 16th join with the labor unions of NJ for a show of solidarity and support for collective bargaining. Every major labor union is set to join in force to defend the right to negotiate. This will be an event of historical proportions so make sure that you are there!

Few Assembly Democrats support Sweeney’s pension overhaul plan.

Few Assembly Democrats support Sweeney’s pension overhaul plan, sources say
Published: Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 8:43 PM     Updated: Thursday, May 12, 2011, 9:20 AM
 By Jarrett Renshaw/Statehouse Bureau The Star-Ledger

Senate President Stephen Sweeney, left, and Gov. Chris Christie.
TRENTON – With Senate President Stephen Sweeney set to rely on Republican votes to overhaul public employee benefits, the fate of the controversial plan may depend on whether Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver follows his lead.

Assembly Democrats met in private on Monday and few embraced the Senate President’s plan of combining sweeping changes to public employee pensions and medical benefits into one bill, according to three sources who attended the meeting.

The meeting was not called to discuss the issue, but it was raised by members who later voiced opposition about combining both measures into one bill and legislating medical benefits, according to the sources, who requested anonymity because they are not authorized to speak about caucuses.

Oliver has not said what she plans to do. Tonight, she said in a statement: “The Assembly continues to be increasingly frustrated by the governor’s failure to show leadership and do what’s he’s supposed to do – negotiate a contract that both protects taxpayers and worker rights.”

The lack of Democratic support means Oliver would have to decide whether to move the legislation without the majority support of her party, a political gamble that would come as members prepare for fall elections. Democrats hold a 47-33 advantage in the Assembly.

“It would be a historic precedent that needs to be weighed carefully,” said Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic), who opposes the medical benefit proposals because he says they do nothing to control costs.

Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) doesn’t believe the two proposals can be combined into one bill because the state Constitution requires legislation to have a single purpose. Like others, he said medical benefits should be dealt with at the negotiating table.

Assemblyman Tom Giblin (D-Essex) said Democrats should be unified on this issue. “We have always stood up for the working man, and I think we should continue to do that,” Giblin said.

Facing similar odds, Sweeney has lined up a small group of Democratic senators who said they would be willing to join with Republicans to help ensure there is enough votes to pass the bill, according to four sources familiar with the plan. Sweeney is prepared to move the bill for a vote before Memorial Day, sources said today.

Asked today to confirm the timeline, Sweeney spokesman Chris Donnelly said in an email, “The Senate President wants reform as quickly as possible and it is coming.”

Sweeney and Gov. Chris Christie are still negotiating the shape of the final bill, and sources were not briefed on the details being discussed.

If Sweeney and Oliver move forward without the majority support of their party, they are putting themselves and members at political risk, says Brigid Harrison, a political scientist at Montclair State University.

While unions don’t have the political clout they once enjoyed, Christie’s rhetoric combined with labor battles in Wisconsin and Ohio have awakened members who will be mobilized this fall, Harrison said. “Christie has energized a flabby, sleeping giant,” Harrison said.

Contact your Legislature.

The time is NOW! Union Action!

This is important info that comes from the last FMBA State Meeting the other day. Please forward this info & make phone calls to anybody you can to get them on board!
Joe Cryan came to the meeting and spoke to us about the importance of writing letters & calling your assemblymen.
When you call and/or write you are asking for 2 things.
1) Ask for separate votes on health care & Pensions. We do not want them to combine the two bills into one. Ask for 2 separate bills.
2) Ask for the vote on these 2 bills to be held by June 15th.
Call your assemblyman because that is where the fight is. Its basically a done deal on the Senate level.  
It was also asked that regardless of your district that ALL of us should call Valiere Huttle @ (201) 541 – 1118. Ask for her to support these 2 points.
The message from the State Meeting was that we are down to the wire now. Its now or never!!!
If you have not written or called your assemblyman by this point this is the time!!!
If you have written/called then do it again. Ask the guys you work with if they need assistance with their letters or phone calls.
They want everybody involved on this and it can not be stressed any more how imperative it is that our assemblymen hear from us!

Find your Assemblyman here.

Event updates..Show your support!

The FMBA & Kids Helping Kids Foundation are looking for your support!

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The FMBA Presents “A Night of Fine Wine and Cigars.

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