Union Up!!!

Because they are not “giving” us anything, they are trading dollars for our labor..an even trade. We do not owe our employers anything at all. That our employer demand  more than they pay us for is emotional blackmail. It is tyranny of the highest order. It was this very same tyranny that caused the Revolutionary War.  

In the Revolutionary war our ancestors who were merchants, farmers, doctors, lawyers, family men & women were asked to give of themselves and sacrifice. Often times this sacrifice was made in blood. They stood up in one unified voice against their own government. At that time their leader was King George and he was taxing the colonist into oblivion!! Today, for what its worth its Gov. Christie. Back then these ordinary people put their careers and crafts aside and grabbed their muskets. They fought a war the only way you can fight a war……one battle at a time. Today, you do not have to grab your musket and you do not have to spill your blood. Thank God for that!! But you still have to be in the fight. One battle at a time. We will win some and we will lose some. But if you do not stand up and get involved then we lose all. The war is on as we speak! There are numerous battle to be fought. There is no time like now! Action is a must so UNION UP!!


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