NJ voting district PDF/Form your district committees.

Be advised, voting districts have changed!

STATE – New Jersey’s legislative redistricting commission voted to adopt a map advanced by Democrats, with Prof. Alan Rosenthal casting the deciding vote over the weekend.

Though several incumbent state legislators could see their time in office come to an end, the map largely preserves the status quo.

In Union County, only two towns change districts. Hillside moves from the 29th District, which was centered in Essex County and dominated by Newark, to the 20th District, which also includes Elizabeth, Roselle and Union. Kenilworth shifts from the 20th District to the 21st District, joining the western Union County communities of Berkeley Heights, Cranford, Garwood, Mountainside, New Providence, Roselle Park, Springfield, Summit and Westfield.

In Middlesex County, Old Bridge was moved into the 12th Legislative District from the 13th District; South Brunswick moved from the 14th District to the 16th District and Spotswood went from the 18th District to the 14th District.

The state must re-draw the boundaries of its legislative districts every 10 years after the U.S. Census provides new population data to keep the number of people in each district approximately equal.

You can make the above changes to your downloaded PDF file.

 NJ voting districts PDF. Download and print then post it at your workplace so union members can find their district.Have them sign up with their contact info and district number. Then organize members into groups based on their district number to form district committees. Have your district committee try to get as many members as possible and have them sign petitions, letters, etc. etc. and work on their representative!! Email me your district list so we can combine! Unify and be heard! My email is njunions@gmail.com


NJ has 13 Congressman that represent the State. These districts are arranged differently than the districts for our state legislature. View this PDF file to see a map of NJ with the districts. Be careful because the color schem is a bit confusing and district 6 (my district) is broken into 2 pieces! We don’t have to worry about a Congressional election just yet but its good to know your congressman. Write your congressperson and tell them your not happy with Mr. Christie and his actions.



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