Restore Glass-Steagall

Glass-Steagall was an act that was passed in 1933. It remained on the books and enforced until 1999. Within 5 years after it was repealed in 1999 we were in a massive bubble that shortly thereafter burst and our economy is now wrecked. Get more details on this and sign the petition to support H.R. 1489 here.

Below is the link to the PDF version on the bill.  It is only 16 pages and contains everything essential to alleviating about $17 trillion of US Federal Debt, which should immediately be used for emergency aid to the states.

hr 1489 Glass

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One response to “Restore Glass-Steagall

  1. With the passage of the extension of the debt-ceiling, and the concomitant creation of a new, extra-Constitutional “SuperCongress,” Glass-Steagall, HR 1489, is needed more than ever. There is now a dictatorship of the Group of 13 (Obama and the 12 from the US Congress) which by-passes the US Constitutional authority given SOLEY to the US Congress,which cannot be delegated away. This will impose fascist-like austerity on the population, whatever the US Congress decides.
    Now you can see how Hitler got his temporary dictatorial powers. The Reichstag approved the temporary dictatorial powers, just like this Congress approved an anti-constitutional dictatorship.
    Your weapon against this is GLASS-STEAGALL.

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