This page contains the videos from this blog for your convenience.

The NJEA is lying? I bet these teachers wish they never helped with this ad.

Paul Krugman back in 2006.

Grab your favorite drink and tune in for about 10 min. Howard Zinn is a great historian and known worldwide for his direct and truthful analysis of labor unions. This is an important history lesson that anyone in a union must watch. RIP Howard Zinn.

Here is a very informative run down on firefighters. (warning: video contains cursing)

We just don’t call him a liar, he is a liar.

This is the truth.

Recharge your batteries on some serious emergency response!

Rally in Trenton 2006. Billy Lavin speaking. You could swear this was in 2011!!

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One response to “Videos

  1. Hey NJunions!
    The Howard Zinn video explaining the history of unions is very good! After I watched it I went to you tube to find more, that guy has alot of videos!

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