You Can Help!!

  Election Day is Tues Nov. 8.  We will be in Asbury Park helping out in the 11th district.  One of the Assembly candidates, Vin Gopal is trending well down there.  He was the only Democrat endorsed by the Asbury Park Press.  As I have stated, picking up even one of the three seats in this district will be a huge victory.
    We will be meeting at the Berkeley Hotel, 1401 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park.  We are looking for help between the hours of 9 am and 7:30 pm.  If you have committed to helping in another district, please fulfill that obligation.  If you or your members have not committed as of yet and can help out, please email me your availability.  We will most likely be canvassing neighborhoods doing literature drops.
    I hope we can lend a hand to a slate of candidates who believe in core democratic values.