Rally in Trenton..June 23. Be there!!

   Tomorrow, Thursday 6/23 the Assembly will be voting on bill A4133 (pension/benefit reform). Its going to be close so we need to be there!


2 responses to “Rally in Trenton..June 23. Be there!!

  1. I work on W State St & have been inconvenienced with traffic, pedestrians and noise for the last 3 rallies. I, among others, have to work to pay for health insurance benefits. I have no pension, just what I have saved and unfortunately my 401k declined 70% over the last 5 years! No, I do not feel sorry for you. Those of us aren’t stupid enough to expect a free ride for the rest of our lives…get real!!!!!

  2. You are very misinformed about unions and how union workers are compensated. We do not get “free” healthcare. Our healthcare & pension benefits are part of our compensation. We work for our benefits. We pay a very large amount of money into our pensions….very large. Private sector workers may have to pay on average 25% of their healthcare but they are paid significantly more than their union counterpart!! As a union worker I would rather not take the healthcare and instead be paid more money and then I can go shop around for my own health care! But legislature would never allow us to do that because the healthcare package actually saves the employer money ie the taxpayer. What form of employment do you have? Maybe you just have a crappy job?? Instead of trying to drag the rest of us down in your race to the bottom mentality maybe you should try to bring yourself up to higher standard.
    Hows that for being real?
    Oh and I noticed your email is the name of a very well know political party that I will not mention. Whats strange is that if you are affiliated with them , then your comment is unusual. Why?

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